Nenage wal katha

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Nenage wal katha

Thursday, December 21, Shishnaya Loku Karaganna Shishnaya Loku Karaganna sinhala xxx katha lanka wela wal katha sinhala aluth lanka wela katha aluth sinhala wela katha wal katha lokaya pdf walkatha wal katha lokaya sinhala wela katha sinhala hukana katha sri lankan wela katha val kata srilankan wal katha wal katha news paper srilanka wal katha sinhala wa wal katha Shishnaya Loku Karaganna Posted by Kupadiya.

nenage wal katha

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Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Pace bowlers are at particular risk of sustaining injuries, writes Benita Olivier, a PhD candidate at the University of the Witwatersrand. There is a great need for research to help with such injury prevention. Well, not if they are pace bowlers. The injury rates among pace bowlers are as high as in contact sports, such as rugby, and injury rates among spin bowlers are less than a quarter of that of pace bowlers. This is because the inherent nature of the pace bowling action — the way the knee and lower back move during the bowling action, in combination with the jolt that runs through the body just before the ball is released — lends itself to injury.

The faster the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman, the less time the batsman has to decide how to play the ball. The knee and lower back movements that enable the bowler to produce faster deliveries are the same movements that are associated with injury.

Two movements in particular — a straightened knee and the backward bending of the lower back just before the ball is released — are associated with injury and at the same time with faster ball release speed.

To compound matters, the action is repeated over and over again. While pace bowling performance, especially bowling speed, accuracy and consistency, are of utmost importance to the pace bowler, a balance is needed between performance and injury prevention. But do not despair for your favourite pace bowler, or your team: injury prevention is high on the priority list for Cricket South Africa and other international cricket bodies.

Injury prevention guidelines — which include three different approaches or strategies, and are still being drafted — may be the answer. The first strategy is to look at the environment and the game itself, such as the number of overs bowlers bowl or the order in which they bowl in a match.

The second deals with technique, and the movement of the knee and back during bowling, with a focus on finding a balance between performance and injury prevention.

Factors intrinsic to the athlete, such as balance, muscle strength and flexibility, form part of the third strategy, as they are known to protect bowlers against injury while at the same time allowing them to perform at their best. But research in this area is scarce, which is why the research we are doing is so important.

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Both balance and proprioception have also been related to improved performance, although these studies have been done in other sports and not cricket. There is a great need for research that explores these internal factors as they may be key to injury prevention.

If we can identify these factors and include them in injury prevention programmes for pace bowlers, it can reduce the chance that sportsmen injure themselves while we watch. This is an edited version. This blog welcomes all South Africans to go behind the scenes of local science and exploration endeavors. A place to learn more about the stuff that makes South African science and its people tick.

A place to feel inspired about what South Africans are discovering on home soil and abroad. Because local is lekker, no matter what language you use. SciBraai's following has grown in the past years, and we are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We've also begun organising real-life braai's where we share round-the-fire stories about South African science and scientists. More Posts. Follow Me:.

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About 10, results 1. Search Results podi kello hukana wela katha sinhala giuas. Sinhala Podi Badu Katha? You can also submit an answer or search documents about sinhala podi badu katha. Image Lankawe Podi Kello Download. Sri Lanka Podi Badu? Message this Page Image may contain: 1 person Sex walata witharak enna.

Podi pidi sexy kello's photo. Podi pidi sexy kello updated their cover photo. Podi pidi sexy Hung Le.There are so many videos like this on YouTube and there are articles like this you can find on the internet.

nenage wal katha

All of these are viewed by million times. Sri Lanka has a bad benchmark on Porn searches. Sri Lanka had recognized as the first of the list of porn searching countries all over the world for a long time. However, it is not only about searching for international porn movies and porn pictures in porn sites.

When search for it, the browser provides a garbage bin of Sinhala porn videos and stories. But, are those resources applicable for real life? Is it a valuable sex education? It is for giving some joy for readers and watchers. But, total content in these can not apply to real life. Because sometimes it is creative writing and Sometimes it is a video recorded by a hidden camera.

Because most of stories are stories other than erotic stories.

nenage wal katha

It may contain sexual assaults, sexual immorality, sexual abuse, and much more abnormal content. Fortunately, there is not a Sinhala porn movie industry. Have you asked ever, ancient people had watched or read porn stories before having sex with a partner?

So, it never be a resource for learning about sex. But, Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan education system had not contributed the sex education well. The spread of porn searches and content is a result of it. But you can go through with a trusted resource in the internet to get real sex education. All porn contents could contribute you for unusual sexual desires. The main reason affected many rape cases in Sri Lanka is the lack of sex education and searching for porn in the internet.

Because foolish persons going to try things happened on porn contents. They are not only a reason for rape cases, it may course to house violence as well. In addition, its Couse to unchastity and sexual diseases from unchastity.

The only thing you have to do is follow real sex education for getting to know about sex. It is enough.

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Porn contents are really unnecessary things for a lovely life. Following video is watched more than one million times within just three months.

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Wela Katha | වැල කතා කියවන්න

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nenage wal katha

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